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We are blessed to have trained so many remarkable people in the last 17 years.  Some of them have written to tell us how happy they are with the training and how excited they are to be practicing Hypnotherapy.  Keep reading!

We have listed a few of the student and graduate comments below:


Natalya, New York, NY says:

"You are absolutely amazing!  There are a million schools offering hypnotherapy courses on DVD’s and the internet, and it was not easy to make a decision who is better. For a few weeks my daughter and I, were searching on the internet and finally we chose New England Institute of Hypnotherapy, and I am so happy to say:” It was not a mistake. ! I am so happy!”  Very high professional level, ton’s of valuable information, feeling as if I was attending a live class.


This is a course which teaches you to use very powerful tools to change others (and your personal) lives. Thank you again, you gave me confidence in my life now."






Susan,  New Lenox IL says:

"I am so excited and can't wait to get started with my practice !  I already have clients waiting for me to complete the program. The training was great.....I learned a ton.   Thanks for doing what you do !"


Dr. Jeff,  Duncan SC says:

"Great training........very enjoyable.  Strong presentation !"


Dr. Ed,   Ontario CA says:

"Very well done..........excellent material delivered in a high energy manner.  Really enjoyed the training. Thanks !"




John,   Cincinnati OH says:

"Very thorough.....the instructor clearly knows her stuff.   I had some knowledge of hypnosis previous to taking CH201 , but this training really took me way beyond what I learned in books.  I feel confident to begin practicing and I feel that I got everything I need from this program. Excellent !"


Tess,  Mechanicsburg, PA says:

"Thanks you so much for all your help!   I can not tell you how much I am enjoying CH201 !"


Stacy,  St. Petersburg FL says:

"I enjoyed the program and am grateful for the opportunity to advance my skills through distance learning. It is really the only way I could have completed a program such as this, given that I own my own business. I really appreciate your willingness to talk with me anytime I had questions. You have been very accessible."




Marcia,  Nashua NH says:

"I love this training.  Thanks !  I appreciated all the help you gave me after the training when I was setting up my practice.  The cost of the training is a steal for what you get."


Stephanie,  San Diego CA says:

"I wanted to take this training to add to my current work which is teaching energywork.  I figured that this would just be a nice add-on, but I have really been enjoying doing hypnotherapy sessions.  It's amazing how fast clients respond to hypnosis.  It's fun to do and it's fairly easy to get clients Thanks for a great training!"


Mary,  Cincinnati OH says:

"I was concerned about enrolling for a DL training but the only attended local seminar didn't impress me.  So I asked Dr Starr for some referrals which we gave me.   I communicated with several of them and they all had good things to say about the trainings.  I am currently taking the NEIH training & I am pleased with my decision !"


Paul,   Houston TX says:

"I wanted an attended seminar but I couldn't make the one closest to me, so I took the dvd training at home.  I'm glad I did.   I watched the dvds 3 times as recommended, graduated and then started a practice doing everything I learned from the training.  I'm doing pretty well with the practice and I really appreciate being to call the NEIH office and get help with client questions.  Great training and great support. Thanks."



Joe,  Altoona PA says:

"Great training...............really enjoyed it !"


Steve,  UK says:

"I really liked the training !   I was surprised how good it was and the DL format worked with my job schedule. Thanks for a really good training."


There are quite a few more and we will continue to add to this page.  Thanks everyone for the kind words. It's good to know that NEIH is helping you to help others.







New England Institute of Hypnotherapy offers Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings through distance learning & attended seminars.