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 CH203 is the NEIH Master Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training which is the final training level that completed the training requirements to earn the coveted Master Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification, offered as a Distance-Learning program on DVD and CD. 

Enrollment in CH203 requires the completion of a Hypnotherapy Certification and an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification. 


Here's what you receive:

10 DVDs - 16+ hours of training material

1 workbook & 1 Script book in digital format

1 Data CD with Distance Practicum instruction.

Free Student Hotline Support

1 Professional Certificate

This training prepares the student to work successfully in the more complex aspects of Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, and Regression Therapies and provides instruction on completing a Distance Practicum.


Here's what you will earn for your successful completion of this training:

Master Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification - Professional Designation is CCHT

Here is some of what's covered:

learning why clients gain weight

learning why diets don't work

finding emotional reasons for weight gain

adding self esteem suggestions to weight loss sessions and why

seeing the connection between weight loss and the client's safety

observing the client's language choices

helping him/her to consider upgrading some of the language choices

learning how to bolster a client's sense of self worth

making sure the client is here of her/his own volition

seeing how emotional armoring plays a role in weight gain

helping the client through client-centered interviewing

interviewing to get the information you need

choosing language that supports the client

expecting resistance, accepting it, and moving on positively

behaving in a supportive way

mirroring the client's body language

pacing to help the client to relax

controlling the tone of the session

reframing a comment to show the client a different way of  seeing things

finding out why the client began a habit

finding out when the habit began

defining the parameters of the habit through interviewing

delineating all the aspects of the habit

suggesting that smoking is only a habit

helping the client to understand that changing a habit is very doable.

buiding client faith in the process and in you.

building rapport

interviewing as if it were an Olympic event

communicating your level of commitment to the client

understanding the power of conscious involvement

understanding the power of personal attention

mastering the power of really listening

determining on a scale of 1 to 10 the client's commitment

helping the client to raise that number

understanding the need in humans for reward

helping the client to see that most "bad" habits started as a form of unconscious reward

assisting the client is consciousy choosing a different reward

understanding that hypnosis begins the second the client walks in the door

training yourself to make very conscious language choices throughout the session

understanding your importance  as the external authority figure in the hypnotic process

using that importance to facilitate your client's success

insuring your client's success

how important your client's success is to you as well as to him

communicating through your intent, the importance to you of his/her goal

understanding that hypnosis is a team sport

treating your sessions as if they matter a lot, because they do

in past life regressions, helping the client to determine the main purpose of the session

helping the client to articulate session goals

helping the client to formulate goals for the ongoing hypnosis program

and more.

CH203 is taken exclusively at a distance; there are no seminar attendance requirements. A Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training program completion is a prerequisite for this program.  The enrollment fee for the CH203 is a one-time payment of $697.   NEIH accepts Visa & MC  If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-457-7999.

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