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 CH201 is the NEIH Core Training for Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification, offered as a Distance Learning program and as an attended Seminar.  

NEIH Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training programs are the most comprehensive and affordable Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification trainings offered today !  If you compare our training costs with any other professional Career training program, you will see that unlike many others, NEIH enrollment fees are reasonable and we don't nickel and dime our students to death.  Our enrollment fees are inclusive.

NEIH offers professional career training programs and we respect our profession and our students way too much to engage in back-end surprise charges nor do we charge students and graduates for phone support.  NEIH has always offered our students AND graduates FREE ongoing Hotline Support and we will continue to do so because newly-trained Clinical Hypnotherapists are still learning.  They need FREE access to skilled advisors and they get exactly that.  NEIH graduates can count on our commitment to train qualified, effective and successful Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.

This is the training program that in many ways paved the way to the astonishing number of online Hypnotherapy Certification training programs available today. When NEIH started offering Distance Learning programs online, we were one of a handful of others doing so, and most of the others offered written programs that were old school hand-outs and workbook-formatted trainings whereas the NEIH programs were always video-formatted. We felt and still feel that our students benefit most from a seminar-like experience.  Our DVD DL programs are as close to "being there" as you can get and these days being there is cost and time prohibitive for many people.  If you want to train to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist or if you just want to learn more about Clinical Hypnotherapy, this is the right place for you to start.  You will get what you need and you won't need a bank loan to get it !

Here's what you will receive in the DL training program:

10 DVDs- 16+ hours of recorded Clinical Hypnotherapy training material

1 Workbook and 2 Script Books in Digital format

1 Audio Hypnotherapy session on CD

FREE Student Hotline Support

2 Professional Certificates

FREE First Year's Membership in the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy

This 100 CREDIT-HOUR Clinical Hypnotherapy training prepares the adult learner to work successfully in the field of Hypnotherapy. All aspects of this work are covered in this professional training. 


Here's what you will earn after you have completed this training:



Here is a sampling of the topics covered in this course:

reviewing the history of Hypnotherapy

covering applications for Hypnotherapy

setting up your practice

interviewing your clients

 handling business matters

advertising your practice

 finding an affordable office

forging professional relationships

arranging your office

 hypnotizing your clients successfully

creating custom inductions

creating custom suggestions

using self-hypnosis

learning how hypnosis works

interviewing your clients

getting client referrals

attracting more clients

pricing your Hypnosis sessions

getting paid

creating multiple hypnosis sessions

handling group sessions

doing stop smoking hypnosis

conducting weightloss hypnosis

conducting regression hypnosis

working with phobias

working with panic disorders

working with stress reduction

addressing academic improvement

working with sports improvement

working with pain management

and much more.

CH201 Distance Learning training requirements are completed exclusively at a distance; there are no Hypnotherapy training seminar attendance requirements.  CH201 is a 100 credit hour Clinical Hypnotherapy training and meets the educational requirements for all professional Hypnotherapy membership boards that aren't owned by or exclusively affiliated with a specific training program. Since there is no specific licensure for Hypnotherapists in any state other than Indiana, this training more than meets the training needs of prospective Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. 

Our NEIH graduates in 2009 are charging $150.-$250. per Clinical Hypnotherapy session, depending on their location.  The average cost in the US for a Clinical Hypnotherapy session is going up faster than we can accurately track ! Compare this compensation with any other helping professional and you will find that Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists are currently the most highly compensated among the helping professions, excluding medical doctors, dentists, and other degreed medical professionals.  The bottom-line is that with NEIH you receive professional training that prepares you to help others to achieve their goals while being paid very well for your time !

Successful completion of this training awards 2 professional certificates- one provided by NEIH, and one from the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, both awarding you Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist status.  Your designation is CHT.

The enrollment fee for CH201 is a one-time payment of $697. 

If you have any questions or you'd prefer to enroll by phone, please call us at 1-888-457-7999.

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New England Institute of Hypnotherapy offers Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings through distance learning & attended seminars.