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                                                TRAINING OVERVIEW

Training with NEIH is easy.  Our trainings come to you complete, recorded on DVDs & CDs with training instructions, workbook and scriptbooks, as well as professional Certificates upon completion and FREE SHIPPING.  If you have questions, NEIH offers FREE  phone support for students & grads, so feel free to call.      

CH201 Clinical Hypnotherapy Training - Level 1   

 The enrollment fee is $595 and this training awards 2 professional Certificates - the NEIH Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification and an ABCH Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification upon completion.

CH202 Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training - Level 2  

 The enrollment fee is $595. and this training awards an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification upon completion.

CH203 Master Clinical Hypnotherapy Training - Level 3  

 The enrollment fee is $595 and this training awards a Master Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification upon completion.

CH205 is a training package that includes all the above trainings at a savings of about $300.

Attended Seminars   NEIH offers 2 Attended Seminars for those who prefer that training method. Please click Attended Seminars for details.

The enrollment fee for this training package is $1498 and  awards all of the above Certifications upon completion.

General Information

Your training process is simple.    Distance-learners complete the training material and email us their test answers with their current contact information and their names exactly as they want them to appear on their certificates.  Within 2 weeks, their certificates arrive.  It's a snap !

Each of the above trainings builds upon the knowledge acquired in the previous training, so please enroll sequentially.  Enrolling in the CH203 without having completed CH201 and CH202 will leave you feeling up the creek without a paddle.

We're here for you, so if you have questions, please call us at 1-888-457-7999.   NEIH accepts all major credits cards and Checks by Phone for your enrollment.

If you're ready to enroll, click below:

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training programs


New England Institute of Hypnotherapy offers Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings through distance learning & attended seminars.