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1.  Do I need a college degree to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ?

Many of our graduates have college training. However, many of our grads DO NOT have college training.  NEIH does not require college training as a prerequisite to enrollment in a Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification program.

2.   What do I need to be a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist ?

You need to have completed a good Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training program; you need to have a reasonably pleasant speaking voice; and you will need to have a commitment to creating your own Hypnotherapy practice.  You also need to have some basic marketing instructions, which CH201 includes, and a willingness to do some advertising in the beginning, to let people know that you're available.

3.   Is there licensure for Hypnotherapists?

At the moment of this writing, there is no licensure specifically for the practice of Hypnosis.  There are still so few of us practicing in the US that it is impractical for most states to set up licensure. There are a few states that register practicing Hypnotherapists,  and most states regulate the use of the term "therapy".

4.    What does the NEIH CH201 Certificate look like ? 

Here it is below:


5.    How long does it take to become Certified ?

The typical NEIH student spends 8 weeks completing CH201- Clinical Hypnotherapy-Level 1  Certification, and 3-4 months completing the whole program- the CH205 - ALL 3 TRAININGS - Package.  NEIH has an 8-week minimum completion requirement for CH201, and each student has 12 months to complete the CH201 Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification and 36 months to complete the CH205.

6.   Will I be able to practice successfully as a Clinical Hypnotherapist after completing the Distance Learning program ?

The NEIH Distance Learning Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification programs are designed to duplicate as much as possible, the Seminar experience. We provide the same training material, and our DL DVDs are recorded Live at our Seminars. Please also realize that most of our students complete the DL program, not the Seminar program, and experience the same level of success or greater, as our Seminar participants.  Remember, the DL students have the opportunity to repeat the training material as often as they want.

7.   How much can I charge as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ?

That will depend to a large extent, on where you will be practicing. Generally, in larger, more affluent metropolitan areas, you will be able to charge more for your work.  So, with an eye to location, you will be able to charge between $150. and $350. per hour for your work.

8.  Will my NEIH Certification be recognized in the US and overseas ?

NEIH grads are recognized in the field as well-trained Clinical Hypnotherapists, and our graduates experience a high level of success with their clients. Since there is so little  professional licensure for Hypnotherapists in the US, the best recognition you can have, is training received through a reputable and professional training organization, such as NEIH.

9.   What are the payment options for enrollment with NEIH ?

NEIH accepts MC, Visa or Paypal for student enrollments.  If a student is unable to enroll using a credit card, an E-Check is a possibility.   We take check information over the phone, and process the check in the same way a mailed check would be processed.  The check still has to clear, so there's a delay of approximately 14 days delay before a training can be shipped.

10.  Is there a demand for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists?

The demand for qualifed Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists is at an all-time high. One of the reasons that Clinical Hypnotherapists can charge what they do is, that there are not enough of us to meet the demand. When DATELINE continues to show HYPNOSIS as one of the best 2 methods of weight loss, the American public listens.

11.  Is there a time limit for completion of a Distance Learning Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification program ?

NEIH is constantly upgrading its training programs and adding content, so there is a minimum completion period of 60 days and a maximum of 1 year for the CH201.  Since the average student completes that training in 8-12 weeks, one year allows a lot of time for completion. If for some reason, you have not completed your training in a year, please call NEIH and request an extension, and we will be happy to comply.

12.   Is the exam hard?  What is the minimum grade to pass the exam?

The exam is multiple choice and it is an exam that tests the student's knowledge with questions that are addressed in the training materials.  Because this is a career training and graduates really need to "own" the training material, the passing grade is 75.  If for some reason, the exam isn't passed the first time, the student has the option to retake the exam.

13.  Is there any student support after enrollment in a Hypnotherapy Certification training program ?

NEIH offers FREE ongoing Phone support for all Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification students and graduates who have questions that relate to the training material or their practice of Hypnotherapy and who don't misuse the system. We want our students to succeed and NEIH believes  that having a knowledgeable resource at the other end of the phone is valuable to our students and it supports their success !

14.   Can I return my training?

Sure you can.  Please click here for our return policy.


New England Institute of Hypnotherapy offers Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings through distance learning, attended seminars.