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The Online Attended Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Schedule will be announced in February 2010.      

NEIH begins to offer our NEW ONLINE SEMINAR training format early in 2010 in place of an attended Seminar Schedule.  The regular enrollment cost will be $697. and each Seminar will be offered on a Weekend and will follow a similar seminar schedule  shown below.  NEIH plans to offer this new training format twice a month, so it will be an easy fit for most people who want to train with NEIH.

Many people really like an attended seminar because it allows them to commit to a specific time period  which is a HUGE advantage with our NEW Online Seminars MINUS the cost of travel, accommodations and meals. Students enjoy the opportunity of committing one weekend to complete their training within a structured classroom setting while they sit at home on a comfy sofa.  We will post a link to our new training format by early February.  Please check back for more details if this format interests you.




We are sometimes asked how we can train Seminar students in 16 hours to become Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.  The answer isn't simple, but it does make sense.  NEIH has created a Powerful, Effective System that involves Hands-On training methods that are firmly based on real life experience in this field.  Our course isn't full of a lot of  theoretical information.  Our course is based on 22 years experience working in Clinical Hypnotherapy and focuses entirely on how to help you help your clients to get exactly what they want.  There are a lot of Hypnotherapy training courses that spend weeks and months training students to practice Hypnotherapy and typically these courses cost 5-10 times more than our course does.  At NEIH, it's all about you.....making sure you get exactly what you need to successfully practice Hypnotherapy, affordably and without tying up months of your life.  Sure, we could triple or quadruple the time it takes our students to complete the Clinical Hypnotherapy program by adding interesting but non-essential theoretical information at a higher cost to you.  But the question is, why would we do that when we can offer a time-tested, affordable,  powerful learning system that empowers our students to successfully practice Hypnotherapy, in the space of a weekend.  The answer, of course, is that we wouldn't.

These Weekend Seminars Intensives offer an immersive, comprehensive Powerful Learning System employing Super-Learning techniques to intensify and enhance student learning experience. The purpose of this Seminar Intensive is to fully prepare the participants to develop a Clinical Hypnotherapy practice when they return home. The seminar schedule runs from 9:00 am to 5:00pm, with a 10-minute break every hour, and a 1 hour lunch break.

Each student experiences a Hypnosis session at least twice during the Weekend Intensive.  This practice serves multiple purposes in the learning experience.  These sessions deepen the students' ability to integrate, access and assimilate all the information shared in the training and also give the student the opportunity to experience Hypnosis as beginning clients will experience in his/her practice.


Call our office for more information at 888-457-7999, if this new Internship interests you.



                         CERTIFICATION SEMINARS




9:00   Introductions

9:15   History of Hypnosis

10:00  Break

10:10  Hypnotic Formula

10:20  How Hypnosis Really Works

10:30  Use of Tone, Cadence, Language

10:40  Suggestibility Tests

11:00  Break

11:10  Interview Process

12:00  Lunch

1:00   Hypnosis Session & Discussion

1:50   Break

2:00   Creating Powerful Suggestions

2:50   Break

3:00  Insuring Success with your Clients

3:30  Client rights & Guidelines

3:50   Break

4:00   Hypnotherapy Applications

5:00   Close



9:00    Brief Review

9:20    Weight Loss Management

9:50    Break

10:00  Smoking Cessation

10:30  Past Life Regression

11:00  Break

11:10  Pain Management

11:30  Business Matters

12:00  Lunch

1:00   Hypnosis Session

1:50   Break

2:00   Marketing Your Practice

2:50   Break

3:00   Student Hypnosis Practice Sessions

4:45   Summary

5:00  Certificates & Close


INVESTMENT:  The enrollment cost for the CH201 Online Clinical Hypnotherapy Seminar Intensive is $697.  Our Seminars are intensive, information-packed, fun, and very comprehensive, as well as affordable. Training through a recognized training institute lends important credibility to your practice, and contributes to your overall confidence in your ability to do this work well !!  Each graduate receives 2 Clinical Hypnotherapy professional certificates, and the first year's membership FREE in the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Unlike many other Hypnotherapy training programs, NEIH has been a training organization for over 15 years.  We feel that our experience in training 4000 + Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists offers our students a huge advantage over the Hypnotist/Occasional Trainer programs that are popping up everywhere in the US. A large national Hypnotherapy membership association offer their members the opportunity to run a training class or two of their own as long as they enroll all their students in that membership organization, allowing inexperienced Hypnotherapists to offer certification training programs. Our graduates feel comfortable knowing that NEIH has been devoted for over 15 years to helping our students to successful practice Hypnotherapy and they also appreciate training with an instructor who has been actively in the field of Hypnotherapy for over 22 years.  And the NEIH Free Hotline Phone Support program assures you that questions that you encounter while training or in the field will be answered to your satisfaction by someone at the other end of the phone whose job it is to help you. We feel that offering our students and graduates support during and after their trainings is an invaluable part of the NEIH training program.

ENROLLMENT: To enroll in a Clinical Hypnotherapy Online Certification seminar, please call our office at 1-888-457-7999.  Class size is limited, so early enrollment is wise PLUS you get to enjoy the early enrollment $$$ savings  You can use MC/Visa to pay for your seminar.

Each participant can reserve his/her space at the seminar for a deposit of $200 and make the final payment 31 days prior to the seminar.  If the enrolling student finds he cannot attend the seminar and notifies NEIH  35 days prior to the seminar, his deposit  is refundable. Cancellation after that date is subject to a cancellation fee or if the attendee prefers,  full transfer of payment can be assigned to a later seminar date.  We welcome your questions, so please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have at 888-457-7999.


New England Institute of Hypnotherapy offers Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings through distance learning & attended seminars.