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 CH202 is the NEIH Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training offered on DVD and CD and taken at a Distance, at your convenience.  Enrollment in CH202D requires the completion of either the NEIH CH201 or another Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification. 


Here's what you receive:

8 DVDs- 14+ hours of training material

1 Workbook and 1 Script book in digital format

Mini-practicum completion instructions

This training prepares the adult learner to work successfully in the more complex aspects of Advanced Hypnotherapy work.   Important topics that are covered focus on Pain Management, Stress Reduction, Regression Therapies, Advanced Marketing and working with groups.


Here's what you will earn for completion of the CH202 training:

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification


Here's a sampling of what's covered:

going over the advanced applications for Hypnosis

dealing extensively with pain management

explaining the different types of pain

learning ways to eliminate the sensation of pain

understanding the psychology of pain

working with phantom pain

understanding phantom pain

learning which clients are appropriate hypnosis clients

learning which clients should be avoided and why

looking at the ways to decrease the client's pain safely

learning when never to reduce the client's sensation of pain

looking at the caveats of working wtih pain management

studying the client's family dynamics and its affect on your sessions

working with a client while in the hospital

deciding whether pain management is for you

learning the ways in which pain is hypnotizing

learning to schedule sessions around pain medication

working with doctors and family members

pricing your Hypnosis pain management sessions

setting up pain management client programs

creating custom inductions for pain management

working with stress management groups

working with employer groups in stress management

woking with individuals in stress management

looking at applications for stress management

learning to differentiate between stress and anxiety

learning to differentiate between stress and depression

helping the client to determine the source of his stress

finding where to look for client stressors

exploring conscious state client work prior to hypnosis

determining the appropriate number of sessions

making sure that working with this client is appropriate

learning which clients will receive the fastest and best outcome

helping to maximize client benefit

exploring family history as a precursor to stress

looking briefly at childhood to find seeds of learned behaviors

learning how to create optimal behavior modification scenarios

determining the ideal number of sessions for each client

understanding homeostasis and how it impacts stress

understanding how anxiety and stress generalize

looking at the many types of regression hypnosis

exploring past life regressions and possible applications

deciding whether plrs are for you

determining the client's motivation for having a past life regression

figuring out how to avoid client dependence

understanding your role in a past life regression

understanding the difference between plrs and other forms of hypnosis

learning the emotional aspects of past life regressions and what to expect

taking a look at possible alternate explanations of the plr phenomenon

helping your client to have realistic expectations

exploring present life regression, future life progression, and other forms

doing group past life regression sessions

how to work effectively with plr groups

setting up plr groups

determining client's appropriateness for plrs

working with advanced marketing

working with stress reduction

and more.


CH202 Distance-Learning training is taken exclusively at a distance; there are no seminar attendance requirements. 

CH202 is a 100 Credit hour training and meets the educational requirements for all professional membership boards that aren't owned by or exclusively affiliated with a specific training program. Since there is no specific Hypnotherapy licensure in any state but Indiana, this training more than meets the training needs of prospective Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. 

Successful completion of this training awards a professional certificate  provided by NEIH, awarding you Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist status AND the professional designation, ACHT.

The enrollment cost for the CH202 is a one-time payment of $697.  If you are ready to enroll online using any major credit card, please click the Pay Now link below. 











New England Institute of Hypnotherapy offers Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings through distance learning & attended seminars.